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Good trip, but hard to find KSE in Kampot almost 3 years

Bus arrived on time! Good to see a company show a realistic journey time (3hrs). Only thing is, it's hard to find KSE in Kampot. Even local people didn't now where it was. Name/street for Kampot do not appear on google maps - only the map for Phnom Penh.

Sophorn about 3 years

Reception counter was small and staffs were not friendly. Driver was impolite, bad driving, turn on with louder of radio and picking up walk-in guest along road to replace a seat of no-show passenger while their friends got ticket

Daniele over 3 years

Yarina over 3 years

Sacha Keijer over 3 years

Do all cambodians drive like idiots? Passing other cars even when this is impossible. Crazy! Stopped 4 or 5 times. Way too often. I felt very unsafe during this ride

Kym over 3 years

Great service, prompt, on time and organised. The only downside as an Australian travelling in Cambodia was not knowing which stop was which, as in where to get off, but otherwise, I could not fault the service I received. Modest price

P.O. over 3 years

Prompt leaving and arrived on schedule, comfortable seats and two evenly-spaced rest stops. Same quality service on return journey. Third time to Mondulkiri, never had a problem.

Monique over 3 years

Departure 45 minutes late, else a good trip

Monique over 3 years

Departure 45 minutes late, else a good trip

Will over 3 years

Do not use this bus company!!!!! We made the Phnom Penh - Mundulkiri trip in 2017. The driver was driving crazy. He was really dangerous, was driving much too fast, sometimes on the left on the road in left curves where there was no visibility at all.

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