Bus from Sihanoukville to Poi Pet

Sihanoukville to Poi Pet Bus Information

Bus arrives in Poi Pet
Bus departs from Sihanoukville
Approx. Distance 579 km

Poipet Travel Guide

Poipet serves as the gateway to Cambodia for travelers and tourists coming from its neighboring country, Thailand. While it may be known as just the border crossing for Cambodia to Thailand, Poipet is also starting to make its name with its Thai neighbors because of the booming casino industry. Dubbed as Little Las Vegas, the place is now home to numerous places for games and recreational activities.

Poipet Border Crossing

To reach Poipet, travelers can easily take a bus, a van, or a train going directly to the border. There are also routes that directly goes to Siem Reap from Bangkok (and vice versa), with a designated stop at the border for the processing of immigration papers. This route is highly advisable for travelers as most tour companies that offer this route also guides its guests inside the immigration area.

Make sure to double check with the embassy if you would need a VISA prior your departure to avoid any hassle in the immigration area. We advise you to do your research and process any necessary documents before your scheduled travel. Poipet is located around 4 hours from Bangkok and 2 hours from Siem Reap. There are multiple money exchange booths in the border but it is recommended for travelers to bring extra baht/dollars as the rates can be a little tricky on the area.

Not Available

Currently, there is no trip available from Sihanoukville to Poi Pet