Bus from Phnom Penh to Pattaya (via Koh Kong border)

Phnom Penh to Pattaya (via Koh Kong border) Bus Information

Bus arrives in Pattaya (via Koh Kong border)
Bus departs from Phnom Penh
Approx. Distance 624 km

Pattaya travel Information

The vibrant city of Pattaya is likely on every traveler’s list as they travel through Thailand. Known for its never-ending party scene, Pattaya is a coastal city which thrives during the day with lively beaches and water sports, and comes alive at night with energetic nightlife. With a wide variety of accommodation and food options, this Thai city has a little something for every tourist.

Things to do in Pattaya

For a relaxed time at the beach, head to Jomtien Beach to take a refreshing swim in the clear water or enjoy a seaside massage. Just a short distance from the beach is the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, home to award-winning landscape designs and exotic plants. You can also explore parts of Thai culture within the gardens, with traditional music, foods, and art setting the scene.

Exploring Pattaya would not be complete without visiting the largest floating market in Thailand, the Pattaya Floating Market. Be prepared to not only buy some interesting souvenirs from boat vendors, but also to enjoy live cultural performances native to the region, such as water fighting and umbrella painting. For a more land-locked option, the bustling Lanpho Nakulea Market is a great destination to explore, especially for foodies. It is a sea-food paradise, where you can buy fresh and get the food cooked up for you right there in the market center.

Just north of the Wongamat Beach lies perhaps the most iconic structure in Pattaya, the Sanctuary of Truth (otherwise known as Sut Ja-Tum). Although it is not technically tied to a specific religion, the structure, intricately designed from teakwood, is a display of appreciation for philosophy, art, culture, and faith.

There are many islands to hop to from Pattaya. Most notable, the island of Koh Lan, also known as Coral Island, is a quaint island in the Gulf of Thailand, just 7 kilometers from the city. The small island is made up of six main beaches lining the coast, and plenty of budget and luxury accommodations to suit every traveler’s style.

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