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Nget Sovannboromey 3 months

Traveller 102744 3 months

Traveller 102744 4 months

Consider it as your last choice 4 months

I experienced the ride from Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The driver was dropping the passengers OTW with several stops. Such waste of time.

Traveller 58482 4 months

all is ok, except for a few minutes late departure,no problem for that because hi way number 5 is under maintenance.Anyway, good service specially the operation manager Mr. Chinh.

Traveller 38693 4 months

Traveller 66015 4 months

Good drive good price

Traveller 56611 4 months

Traveller 56611 4 months

Traveller 36650 4 months

The car have sound

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