Bus from Sihanoukville to Trat (via Koh Kong border)

Sihanoukville to Trat (via Koh Kong border) Bus Information

Bus arrives in Trat (via Koh Kong border)
Bus departs from Sihanoukville
Approx. Distance 335 km

Trat Travel Guide

Aside from its bustling street scene, Thailand is also well known for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking islands. Trat, the country’s easternmost province, is the gateway to these pockets of tropical paradise. Located 315 kilometers from Bangkok and situated just beside Cambodia, Trat province is usually the traveler’s stop before they reach the beautiful islands of Koh Chang. You can reach the town either by taking the train, the bus, or by plane. Trat Airport only service three flights a day and is considered to be the smallest airport in the country.

Things to do in Trat

If you plan to stay for a day in Trat main town before traveling to the nearby islands, make sure that you don’t miss the food scene in the area. What it lacks in architecture and bars, it makes up with its bustling street filled with nothing but authentic Thai food. The street was aptly named Top Street Food in Trat by Trat People. True enough, it offers the best food in town.

After a delicious and filling adventure in the main town, go ahead and take a ferry to Koh Chang and enjoy a relaxing getaway. Some of the must see beaches in the island are Kai Bae Beach and Bang Bao Beach, both offering an unforgettable vacation appealing to different types of travelers. While many travelers go to Koh Chang to frolic under the sun, there are also numerous areas for diving and snorkeling.

Make sure that you also don’t miss out on the neighboring islands of Ko Mak and Ko Kut. You can visit the lost paradise of Ko Kham, a hidden beach with glorious views, just a few minutes away by kayak from Ko Mak. If you’re tired of the sea, you can also take a quick break and swim at the cold waters of Khlong Chao Waterfalls.

Not Available

Currently, there is no trip available from Sihanoukville to Trat (via Koh Kong border)