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Pakse Travel Information

Pakse, the capital of Champasak province, is the second most populous city of Laos. Pakse, which is a name directly translated in Laotian to “mouth of the river,” is located at the junction of the Xe Don and Mekong. The capital is not usually a destination stayed in for many days, rather, a launching pad for the many specular surrounding destinations. The city offers a few budget guest houses such as Le Jardin Hotel and Alisa Guesthouse, and some delicious restaurants to grab a bite to eat, including Dok Mai Lao Caffee Restaurant and Daolin Restaurant Café.

Things to do in Pakse

The famous Lao Nippon Bridge spans across the Mekong River, and is not only used as an essential part of trading with Thailand, but it is crossed to visit key historical sites in Laos. Cross the bridge to meet the giant Golden Buddha which watches over the city of Pakse, and hike up to meet him to also encounter many impressive statues of deities along the way. Lying on the banks of the Se Don River just near the main bridge is the Wat Luang Temple. Built in 1935, the temple is the largest in Pakse and used to serve as an old monastic school.

For an authentic Laos experience, explore the bustling and energetic Daoheuang Market, which is the biggest market in Southern Laos. You may find that locals are happy to sit down and socialize with you over a sweet cup of coffee. Just 40 kilometers out of Pakse is the amazing Tad Yuang Waterfall. Whether it’s the wet season or the dry season, the views will take your breath away. Water plunges over a cliff 40 kilometers high into a pool below, which you can take a dip in and enjoy. Another destination near Pakse which cannot be missed is 4000 Islands, otherwise known as Si Phan Don. Don Khong, Don Det, and Don Khon are the three most popular islands to travel to in the south of Laos. These secluded, serene islands are a great place to relax and enjoy natural views.

A little bit further out of the city, the curious destination of Phou Asa Mountain can be reached, consisting of architecture and ruins that remain a mystery to experienced archeologists to this day. It is easy to make the 45 minute trek to the mountains from the village of Khiet Ngong, where you will find a series of towers and temples such as Wat Phau Asa or the Asa Mountain Temple.

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